590 madison avenue

Sunday, November 15th, 12:00 pm
In the atrium of 590 Madison Avenue@ 56th Street,
New York, NY 10022, USA

A project by DAVIDE BALULA
Choreographed with BIBA BELL
Presented by FAKE ESTATE

Performed by
Abby Block, Amelia Grossman, Andrea Huelse, Andy Zou, Ashley Hannan, Ben Kimitch, Carson Reiners, Chennie Huang, Chris Fields, Claire Fleury, Claire Dunnington, Clare Amory, Cynthia Berkshire, Danny Kopel, Elizabeth Stehling, Ellen Pober Rittberg, Elliot Mercer, Emily Norton, Eric Namaky, Erica Abbott, Faye Lim, Gail Accardi, Georgia X. Lifsher, Hanna Sandin, Ilan Bachrach, Jacqueline Fritz, Jeso O'Neill, Josh Bisker, Joy Brooke Fairfield, Katharine Eisenberg, Kathryn Schetlick, Katy Martineau, Kelly Drummond Cawthon, Kelly Narcum, Kevin Hourigan, Krista Miranda, Leslie Satin, Liz Beres, luke Santy, Margaret Paek, Masanori Asahara, Molly Gillis, olive Mckeon, Ozgur Gungor, Rachel Channon, Rebecca Kushner, Regina Gibson, Saba McCoy, Sara Roer, Seyhan Musaoglu, Shizu Homma, Shuhei Kinoshita, Suzanne Boothby, Tizianna Agnello, Will Rawls, Ye Taik, Zena Bibler, Zoe Lukov and also, Alexandra Shilling, Elizabeth Sargent, Hollis Mickey, Jerome Lorichon, Megan Pflug, Nicole Daunic, Sophia Cleary.


The Endless Pace (Mechanical Clock for 60 Dancers),
is a silent performance composed of 60 dancers within a public space.

The piece is a temporary living installation, literally incarnating the passage of the time.
The 60 dancers merge into one unit, creating a sculptural composition in the form a of clock.
Within the course of one hour, an undulating movement is perpetually performed.

Special thanks to Joseph Greisch, Armelle Pradalier, Martha Kirszenbaum,
Mike Egan, Jesse Peterson, Eliza Ryan, Rebecca Wender and Hanna Sandin.

Image. ©Michael Strasser 2009

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